Victory Garden Memorial and Growing Frame

Client wanted to add an element to her garden that paid tribute to the uncle who taught her about gardening.  Like many residents of a certain age, her uncle referred to his garden as a "victory garden." Because the element would both celebrated the past and look to the future, we decided to add a live, growing piece to it in the form of a growing frame.

Close-up on part of the lettering for "Victory", showing the use of plant-like forms in the font.

 Another angle on "Victory" showing the three-dimensionality of the frame.

"Garden" text sample laid out for welding.

Detail of the metal plant forms waiting to be welded. The fake flora will be enveloped by the actual thing as the season progresses.

Frame nearly complete as revised "Garden" waits to be welded on.

Loaded up on the company truck for transport.

In place at its new home in Graniteville, with proud gardener and her pouch.